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<34> Knowbotic Research

IO_dencies is a series of projects by Knowbotic Research who develop experimental interfaces between digital technologies and social processes. IO_dencies creates fields of collaboration and collective investigation in electronic networks. The recent project IO_lavoro_immateriale raises the question what kinds of action and intervention are possible in the public sphere today. A group of editors invited especially for the project build up a database with texts and comments on changing notions of the public sphere, subjectivity, economy and work. The content of the database and the relations between the different contributions can be experienced through an interface that translates these relations into visual and physical force fields. The visitors can physically feel the tendential forces within the database through a magnetic interface and investigate the content data on a separate screen. Thus, the discourse of the editor group can be experienced on different intellectual and intuitive levels.

Knowbotic Research in collaboration with Maurizio Lazzarato, Luther Blissett, Michael Hardt, Hans Ulrich Reck, Enzo Rullani, Iaia Vantaggiato. Produced with ZKM Karlsruhe (eSCAPE) and KHM Cologne. Software: Detlev Schwabe, Andreas Schiffler, KR+cF, Andreas Weymer. Installation: KR+cF, Peter Sandbichler Large Surface Magnetic Force Feedback Technology by ZKM. Interface: Loan from Fšrderkreis des Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museums e.V.


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