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<19> Andy Deck & Mark Napier

Mark Napier, a painter turned digital artist, packed up his paints in 1995 to create artwork exclusively for the web.

Since then he has created a wide range of internet projects including Digital Landfill, The Shredder, The Distorted Barbie, and, his studio on the web.

Noted for his innovative use of the web as an art medium and for his open ended evolving artwork, Napier's work has been reviewed in the New York Times Online, HotWired, Art Forum, Publish, Yahoo magazine, and the Village Voice. His work has been awarded honorable mention by Ars Electronica 98 and has been chosen for WNET's ReelNY project, the ASCI Digital Art 98 show, and the Berlin Transmediale Festival 99.


Andy C. Deck (born 1968, USA) is an artist working with the development of collaborative process in the context of art and connectivity.

Through short films, calendars, games, interactive installations, and multi-user drawing spaces, he has sought consistently to involve art in daily life and to challenge orthodoxies of art distribution and reception. Currently his work can be found at Among his best known works are Graffic Jam, Space Invaders Act 1732, and Commission Control.

Artworks by Mr. Deck have been reviewed in Sweden's Dagens Nyheter, Spiegel online, and Telepolis; and have been featured in THING.NET, New York (1999), (1999), Millennium Film Journal (1999), (1999), Machida City Graphics Arts Museum, Tokyo (1999), Prix Ars Electronica (1998), Kentler International Drawing Space (1998), Art By Numbers (1998), Mac Classics (1997), and the New York Short Film and Video Festival (1996).

Since 1996, Mr. Deck has acted as a technical consultant for the non-profit organization, Ocean of Know; he has taught classes in new media design and theory at New York University, School of Visual Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, City College of New York, Bowling Green State University, Bloomfield College, and the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo. Developmental work for ongoing projects was made possible in part by the Ocean of Know and the Ecole Nationale Supériere des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.


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