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James Stevens, Backspace

I am a long term self employed person in fact I can make the dubious claim of never having had a real job... well not since I was 17....enough. Designer, Illustrator, Agent, Manager, Manipulator, Slacktivist, Immediatist...., I have always kept a keen eye on where development effort will yield possitive product and though at times this has drawn me into difficult territory, I am happy with the path of progress to date and as ever holding open options for tranformation and new work. Over the last 4 years work has been concentrated in the field of learning and technology in community. Backspace has been the platform for much of this and is a consistant point of referance, for the projects I am involved with and as gateway to the collaboration and collision with others. Its energy at times drives us forward and at others draws back, it is: luna and emotional, fragile and clumsy, almost invisible yet accomodating and invigorating.


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