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Net music for everyone!

The computer, for many years a music laboratory only for highly specialized technologists, by now being networked has become a sphere of musical creativity for a wide clientele. Experimental artists from the techno-scene and jamming synthetic rock musicians, software specialists with a systemic mind and conceptual media artists are presented, as are classical, academic composers. The Net serves to exchange music software, audio files and know-how, people link up to make music though they are located all over the world, web pages turn amateurs into ad hoc musical interpreters - every household is a potential recording studio, every computer is a transmitting and receiving station with a global audience.

The net_musician area examines the concept of listening to music in the public of the Net. The question is whether human-machine interaction, hypertext principles, intimacy within the scope of telematics and new social structures on the Net change our concept of music?

Peter Traub's Bits & Pieces, which is a fully automatic composition software, scours the Net every day for audio files and constantly produces small musical images of the "Internet archive". DJ Spooky's animated Techno-Game AbsolutDJ demands not only musical skills from the player, but also composed combination talent. In Dumb Angel Klaus Gasteier transfers the hypertext principle of the WWW to the interactive composition process of the mysterious, never published Beach Boys' legacy "SMiLE". In the virtual studios of the public midi-pool of Res Rocket Surfer musicians with computers and keyboards link up for intercontinental jam sessions. Sergi Jordą's intuitive sound creation FMOL (F@ust Music Online), which was produced for La Fura Dels Baus' Faust 3.0, stores small musical pieces in a network database, which can be exchanged and developed by different generations. Finally, the links page hudba 3000 / summer 99 makes a tour through musical activity zones on the Net and gently encourages the visitor to participate bravely. The starting point is the summer 99 project by sha, which was organized in collaboration with the exhibition HD - High Density in Berlin.

Golo Föllmer

Please visit the net music web site.


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