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<43> Randall Packer

The Telematic Manifesto is a call-to-action: a participatory, collectively-generated Net Document that will articulate a vision for the future of Telematic Art as a socio-cultural force in the 21st Century. This project investigates Telematic Art as the synthesis of art, culture, and global tele-communications, now pervasive with the recent proliferation of Net.Art, and its promise for a revitalized artistic expression resulting from an inherent interconnectedness catalyzing aesthetic, philosophical, and social transformation.

Throughout the fifteen weeks of the exhibition, an e-mail listserv will be moderated by Randall Packer that introduces a series of topics relevant to historical and contemporary issues outlined above, stimulating dialogue among the participants of net_condition. An associative Website will provide contextual information and the evolving threaded discussion.

The resultant texts will be organized, edited and archived as the Telematic Manifesto, a hypertextual, Web-based Millennial Record, a Net Document that will generate a constellation of prescient themes surrounding Telematic Art.


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